Baseball hats have been a part of my life ever since I was a little boy, my first hat was a promo hat for a finnish company called Hankkija. The first real baseball hat was a Toronto Blue Jays hat that I got when I traded a t-shirt of mine to a canadian boy at a summercamp for kids when I was eleven years old. I had the hat from that summer all the way to the summer when I turned 17 when it was stolen from me in the streets of Helsinki and then I didn’t have a hat anymore, and for me that was a big thing.

As a kid I never knew that one day I would write a blog which I want to inspire people with my own stories of dreaming big and believing in myself. You may check out the blog at: The Screw Them All blog.

Also I didn’t know that oneday my dream of making my own baseball hats would come true.

The blog has been my own way of spreading hope and to inspire people, I have had no income from it untill now with my hats.

Now when the Covid19 Corona Virus is going around the world my own income has gone to zero in my small one car chauffeur business as all my clients are not flying att all. The business will continue as the virus easies, but for now as many people, I’m trying to financially survive through the virus. And the baseball hats are now stepping into the spotlight, and personally I believe it suites the situation perfectly as they have originated from my blog to inspire people and help them to believe in themselves. I also believe that as long as we stick together we will one day survive and get through the virus.

The light blue color reminds me of my trip to Indonesia and the ocean where I learned to surf and connect with the ocean and made dreams come true.

Red & White color brings some attitude and happiness to our everyday lives, and we allways need some positive attitude.

The black color, well you always need something to wear when you need some style.